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Cutting a vanilla bean on a cutting board.
Kitchen Intelligence

Should You Make Homemade Vanilla Extract?

We talked to the experts.
A plate of banana nut muffins with brown sugar streusel being sliced in half.
Kitchen Intelligence

The Best Substitutes for Brown Sugar

If you have a well-stocked pantry, you probably have a brown sugar substitute.
A variety of different types of butter on a counter with toast.
Kitchen Intelligence

8 Types of Butter and How to Use Them

Cultured, compound, clarified—what’s the difference? Learn about the many types of butter and how to use them in your cooking and baking projects.

Origin Stories

How Bagged Salad Mix Took Over the Produce Section

Who thought of packaging salad greens in boxes, bags, and kits in the first place—and do you have to wash bagged salad before using?

A History of Ketchup, America’s Favorite Condiment

This go-to cookout condiment originated in South Asia and contained no tomatoes.

The Root Vegetable That Fueled a $25 Million Ponzi Scheme

Rich in carbohydrates and easy to cultivate, these little rhizomes once promised to solve all of our energy problems.
Kitchen Intelligence

What Are Shell Beans—And How Do You Cook Them?

Available in their dried, canned, and frozen form year-round, fresh shell beans are really a prize of late summer. And their time is now.
Kitchen Intelligence

8 Great Substitutes for Cornstarch

Out of cornstarch? Don’t want to use it? No problem. These alternatives have you covered.
Kitchen Intelligence

Why Do Recipes Call for Unsalted Butter?

It comes down to one thing: control. 
Pantry All-Star

What’s So “Nutritional” About Nutritional Yeast?

These funky flakes might be the O.G. health food fad.
Pantry All-Star

Ramen Seasoning Packets Are the Flavor-Boosting Secret Your Cooking Needs

These tiny umami-packed flavor pouches can turn any savory dish into better versions of itself. 
Pantry All-Star

Spicy Giardiniera Is a Busy Cook’s Best-Kept Secret

Turn up the flavor of your pasta sauce and your tuna salad with this jarred condiment from the Windy City

The Cult Hot Sauces You Can Score on Amazon

Turn up the Scoville scale with these bottles of lip-tingling hot sauces that we just can’t get enough of.
Pantry All-Star

How Shelf-Stable Gnocchi Became a Dinner Hero

This once-disparaged ingredient has become pantry gold for chefs and cookbook authors.