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Pantry All-Star

Spicy Giardiniera Is a Busy Cook’s Best-Kept Secret

Turn up the flavor of your pasta sauce and your tuna salad with this jarred condiment from the Windy City

The Cult Hot Sauces You Can Score on Amazon

Turn up the Scoville scale with these bottles of lip-tingling hot sauces that we just can’t get enough of.
Pantry All-Star

How Shelf-Stable Gnocchi Became a Dinner Hero

This once-disparaged ingredient has become pantry gold for chefs and cookbook authors.
Origin Story

The Root Vegetable That Fueled a $25 Million Ponzi Scheme

Rich in carbohydrates and easy to cultivate, these little rhizomes once promised to solve all of our energy problems.
Kitchen Intelligence

The Real Difference Between European and American Butter

The difference between European and American butters all comes down to the percentages of butterfat, water, and milk solids. 
Origin Story

Bananas Don’t Taste Like They Used To. Here’s Why

The breads, puddings, and tarts of your grandparents’ generation were made with a completely different banana.
Kitchen Intelligence

What Is Rhubarb, and How Do I Cook With It?

Everything you need to know about spring’s pretty pink stalks.
Tips and Tricks

Out of Vanilla Extract? Try One of These Substitutes

Give your bakes a boost with these flavorful substitutes for vanilla extract.
What's In Your Grocery Cart?

Harry Shum Jr.’s Grocery Routine Is Big on Yellowtail Collars and Mushrooms

The actor loves to go to 99 Ranch—and isn't afraid to cook salmon in a film set trailer.
Origin Story

Weird Vintage Recipes Found a Second Life Online—And They’re Thriving

Savory Jell-O salads are natural-born social media stars, and history can tell us why. 
Kitchen Intelligence

How to Make Self-Rising Flour

Follow these steps for making self-rising flour at home—just make sure that it’s not self-raising flour that you want first, since, surprise: they’re not quite the same thing.