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Give Your Apple Cake the Sticky Toffee Pudding Treatment

For this Rosh Hashanah dessert, warm, buttery cake is filled with tart apples and drizzled with toffee sauce. Think apple cake meets sticky toffee pudding.

Be the Host With the Most

Nothing Says Thanksgiving Like a Spreadsheet

Meet the people tackling the holiday dinner with colorful spreadsheets, elegant scrum boards, and very organized Google drives.

This Fluffy Whipped Cream Cake Is Just Right for Any and Every Occasion

This fluffy and ethereally light Chinese bakery–style whipped cream cake is my family’s go-to dessert for special occasions.

This Over-The-Top Shrimp Cocktail Is an Instant Party Starter

Serving shrimp with a trio of sauces turns any night into a full-on rager.

71 Best Friend Gifts (That You Might Be Tempted to Keep)

Good tea, handmade mugs, herbaceous aperitifs, plenty of chocolate, and a houseplant or two.

The Best Mosquito Repellents for Outdoor Dining, Tested and Reviewed

Is there really a product out there that will keep these bugs away from our food?
Amazon Prime Day

19 Kitchen Deals Epi Readers Loved This Prime Day

Here’s what your fellow home cooks are buying on sale this year.
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The 88 Best Gifts for Dads Who Like to Cook

And we promise none of them are whiskey stones.

The 61 Best Gifts Under $20 for the Cooks and Food Lovers in Your Life

Including upgraded versions of staple kitchen tools, pretty glassware, and flavorful condiments. 

54 Thoughtful Gifts Moms Actually Want

We hate to break it to you, but she doesn’t want another apron.
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38 Gifts for Gardeners That Are Actually Good

Put down that planter. You can do better. 

Essential Easter Recipes for Your 2023 Celebration

Grab your Easter basket and hop in—you’ll want to collect each and every one of these fun and easy Easter recipes.

Celebrate Holi With This Floral, Softly Spiced Thandai Poke Cake

Thandai masala—a mixture of ground nuts, seeds, spices, and rose petals—is the key this refreshing Holi beverage, but you should also bake it into your next poke cake.