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Shelf Life

The Things You Should Never Store on Top of Your Fridge

We’re all about creative kitchen storage solutions, but here’s what to keep in mind about that space above your refrigerator.

The Smart Way to Store Onions and Capture All Their Savory Potential

Follow these expert tips, and your onions will stay fresh for months.

Will Tahini Go Bad in the Pantry?

Here’s how to store this creamy condiment depending on how you plan to use it.

How to Store Mushrooms to Keep Those Fungi Fresh

Should you wash mushrooms? Should they go in the fridge? What about the freezer? We have answers to all these questions, and more.

Want Better-Tasting Sesame Oil? Don’t Put It in the Cabinet

If you want to preserve all of those delicate nutty notes, think twice about how you store this pantry staple.

How to Store Cilantro for the Perkiest, Greenest Leaves

To keep your cilantro at peak flavor, store it as if you were caring for a bouquet of flowers.

Does Ketchup Need to Be Refrigerated?

Or is it really fine at room temp?

Do You Need to Refrigerate Watermelon?

Learn how to store watermelon, cantaloupe, and honeydew for the sweetest flavor and optimal texture.

To Keep Your Chili Crisp Hot, Store It Cold

No matter what the labels say. 

6 Rules That Will Help You Organize Your Fridge the Right Way

Follow these tips for maximum chill (and food safety).

How to Store Corn for the Freshest, Sweetest Flavor

Temperature and moisture are key in keeping this summery ingredient at its best.

How to Store Avocados for Better, Creamier, Bruise-Free Bites Every Time

Should you put that not-quite-ripe avocado in the fridge? We spoke to experts to find out.

Stop Everything and Put Your Anchovies in the Fridge

Are your anchovies getting mushy and overly fishy tasting? Bad storage might be to blame. 

Should You Put Those Hot Leftovers Directly in the Fridge?

Here’s how to handle that next boiling-hot pot of stock.

Why Does Honey Crystallize? (And How Do You Bring It Back to Life If It Does?)

Don’t get rid of that last inch of solidified honey in the jar. Do this instead.

Pardon Me, Does Mustard Need to Be Refrigerated?

The spicy, vinegary condiment is built to last, but we have some suggestions for keeping your mustard collection in tip-top shape.

How to Store Lemons, Limes, and Other Citrus for Lasting Flavor

The chiller isn’t always your best bet.

How Long Do Hard-Boiled Eggs Last?

If your Easter egg hunt involves hard-boiled eggs this year, read this first.

How to Keep Coffee Beans Tasting Fresher, Longer

For optimal flavor, your coffee bean storage method matters.

Do Cocktail Cherries Go Bad?

If that jar of maraschinos has been sitting out on your bar cart for a long while, this is for you.