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Recipe All-Star

If I’m Bringing Dessert, It’s Always This Cajeta Brownie Tart

This brownie tart swirled with cream cheese and cajeta is easy, shareable, and just the right balance of sweet and tangy.

Wake Up Your Next Negroni With a Coffee Ice Cube

Kick off your night with this easy, bracing cocktail.

Italian Rainbow Cookies Go Big in This Sliceable Loaf

The bakery classic was just waiting to be turned into a shareable, snackable cake.

Stop Throwing This Ingredient Out, and Start Using It as a Crispy Casserole Topping

Instead of trashing your potato peels, fry them in a bit of oil to transform them into a crunchy topping for your next twice-baked-potato casserole.

This One-Pot Pumpkin Mac and Cheese Is a Weeknight Wonder

Thanks to some clever pantry moves, this cozy dinner is ready in no time.

The Simplest Way to Lyonnaise Potatoes, a Classic of French Comfort Food

With tender slices of boiled-then-fried potatoes tossed with jammy caramelized onions, this recipe is a classic for a reason.

Give Your Garlic Bread a Spicy Corn Cheese Topping

Cookbook author James Park piles his ciabatta high with melty corn cheese, and plenty of spicy chili crisp.

No-Oven Apple Crisp Means Fall Dessert Season Starts Now

Even if it’s still too hot to bake.

Close Out Summer With This Vintage ‘Gourmet’ Showstopper

It has tender buttermilk cake and mascarpone whip, but the real star of the show? The sherried berries.

How to Make the Silkiest French Silk Pie

Bridging the gap between chocolate mousse and whipped cream, this no-bake dessert is on my permanent playlist.

Yes, You Can (and Should) Eat Zucchini for Dessert

Move over, apples. It’s zucchini crisp time.

What’s More Refreshing Than a Mojito? A Frojito.

All the rum and cooling mint, none of the muddling.

Irish Coffee Called; It Wants In On Summer

James Beard’s iced version of the booze-and-caffeine combo is just the kind of cooling balm August requires.

These 3 Thai Recipes Take Salads to Sour, Sweet, Spicy Heights

As long as you hit the right balance of bright, savory, and funky notes, anything can be a salad.

This Over-The-Top Shrimp Cocktail Is an Instant Party Starter

Sure, classic cocktail sauce is great; but serving shrimp with a trio of sauces turns any night into a full-on rager.

This 4-Ingredient Pastry Chef Trick Makes Any Summer Produce Fancy

Silky sabayon takes all of 10 minutes to make, and it can lean sweet or savory.

Eat Your Blueberry Pancakes in Cobbler Form

It has a golden brown sugar crust, a jammy interior, and it doesn’t even require any flipping.

12 Minutes to Dinner? With Short-Cut Angel Hair Pasta, Anything Is Possible

This fry-up turns skinny pasta, cabbage, and bacon into a satisfying and lightning-quick meal. 

To Give Your Cakes Some Lift, Add a Little Pop

Adding sodas like 7Up and cola to cakes is about more than just the novelty. Here’s a look at the science behind how these bubbly ingredients can make better cakes.

DIY Maraschino Cherries Are Summer’s Hottest Accessory

Your banana splits and cherry lime rickeys will thank you.