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Quick & Easy

No-Churn Blackberry Biscuit Ice Cream Cake

As the name suggests, this no-churn ice cream cake is super-simple to put together: a crunchy biscuit base filled with vanilla ice cream and a blackberry ripple

Graham Cracker Crust

Cheesecake is just the beginning of what this no-bake, back-pocket wonder can do.

Baked Apple Pancake

Cinnamon and brown sugar bring warm flavor to this puffy, large-format apple pancake.

Gin Rickey

With all due respect to the mighty gin and tonic, the rickey may just be the world’s most refreshing gin cocktail.

Classic Mayonnaise

If you’ve ever looked at a jar of mayo and wondered, “So what is this stuff exactly?” this homemade mayonnaise recipe is for you.

How to Make Cinnamon Sugar—And the Absolute Best Ways to Use It

This magic pixie dust brings sweet-spiced flavor to everything it touches.

Ranch Dressing

The best ranch dressing doesn’t come from a bottle: it’s made from scratch with buttermilk, garlic and onion, and fresh herbs.

A Week of Easy Dinners to Get You Back in the Cooking Groove

In our latest edition of Easiest Week Ever, we’re getting out of that summer cooking rut with some simple dinners that are perfect for September.

This 3-Ingredient Trick Makes Michelin-Star-Worthy Fruit Salad

The savory-sweet combo will turn any piece of fruit into an elegant dessert, snack, or garnish.

How to Make the Cheesiest, Crispiest Tuna Melt

Making a tuna melt isn’t hard, but these tips will help you make one that’s truly cheesy, crispy, and comforting.

Stop Telling Busy Parents to Meal-Plan

Even some of the best-intentioned advice for weekend meal prepping or quick weeknight recipes ignores the unpredictable reality of life.