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Kitchen Intelligence

How to Throw a Cocktail Party Like You’ve Been Doing It for Years

Dim the lights, start the music, and most importantly: Don’t forget to hydrate.

What’s The Difference Between Stock and Broth?

And bouillon and bone broth too.

Everything You Need for Perfectly Crispy Bacon in the Oven

Easy, mess-free path to your Goldilocks bacon starts with the oven. 

Baking Soda Makes Your Fridge Smell Better, But Not the Way You Think It Does

A box of Arm & Hammer will neutralize odors in the fridge. But the story we’ve been sold isn’t scientifically sound.

Does Wax Paper Have a Purpose—Or Is It Just Taking Up Space?

That reliable roll of wax paper is finding some tough competition among a new wave of reusable food-wrapping products.

How to Thaw a Turkey Depending on How Much Time You Have

There’s the fast way, the better way—and one method that doesn’t require thawing at all.

Should You Make Homemade Vanilla Extract?

We talked to the experts.

How to Dry-Brine Turkey for the Juiciest Bird Ever

This super-easy, not-at-all messy brining method will deliver the juiciest Thanksgiving bird.

What Does ‘Room Temperature’ Even Mean, and Why Does It Matter in Cooking?

Understanding this surprisingly complicated term will make you a better cook (and baker).

The Best Substitutes for Brown Sugar

If you have a well-stocked pantry, you probably have a brown sugar substitute.

8 Types of Butter and How to Use Them

Cultured, compound, clarified—what’s the difference? Learn about the many types of butter and how to use them in your cooking and baking projects.

What Are Shell Beans—And How Do You Cook Them?

Available in their dried, canned, and frozen form year-round, fresh shell beans are really a prize of late summer. And their time is now.

8 Great Substitutes for Cornstarch

Out of cornstarch? Don’t want to use it? No problem. These alternatives have you covered.

Is It Safe to Reuse Plastic Take-out Containers?

And what about putting them in the dishwasher or the microwave?

The Best Way to Keep Guacamole From Turning Brown

Does storing guacamole with the avocado pit actually keep it green?

6 Easy Ways to Keep Apples From Turning Brown

Stop a browning apple in its tracks with these easy tips.

The 10 Best Substitutes for Sour Cream

If a recipe calls for sour cream and you don't have it, worry not. These alternatives—with both dairy and nondairy solutions—work too.

12 Types of Cake to Add to Your Baking Repertoire

How to tell a chiffon from a genoise from a hot milk sponge.

Boost the Flavor of Your Cocktails With Oleo Saccharum

Bartenders love this classic 2-ingredient citrusy syrup.