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Cajeta Cream Cheese Brownie Tart

These brownies are swirled with cajeta, which is made from goat’s milk and a cousin to dulce de leche—it’s sticky, luscious, and sweet.

This Cookbook Will Make Sashimi and Katsudon Weeknight Staples

Rintaro’s recipes combine the farm-to-table ethos of California cooking with the staples of Japanese bars and restaurants.

Baked Pasta Primavera

This baked primavera pasta is a celebration of all the best spring produce, with a sauce of white wine, fresh mint, and lemon that lets the veggies be the star.

Coffee Negroni

Coffee (frozen in ice cube form) mingles with the expressive gin and plays gracefully with the orange garnish, the classic finishing flourish to a traditional negroni.


The magic of katsudon happens when the egg and dashi combine to form a loose custard on the bottom, but the egg yolk on the top remains bright orange and jammy.


When the pork is sweet and juicy and the panko is fluffy and crisp, tonkatsu is a real treat.

Melon Parfait

The most important part of this melon parfait is the melon jelly made from Piel de Sapo—an intensely fragrant melon—but you can use a similar green or orange melon instead.

Blender Mac and Cheese

What could we possibly add to the pantheon of mac and cheese knowledge that’s been built and tested within an inch of its life? How about a blender?

Boston Cream Pie

An American institution draped in bittersweet chocolate, the Boston cream pie is a cake with a curious name.

Molly Baz Wants You to Use More Garlic

In More Is More, the chef and cookbook author toes the line of “too much,” and we can’t get enough.

Crispy Potato Skins With Fried Herb Aioli

Potatoes and aioli are a match made in heaven, but fried herbs, capers, and cornichons take these crispy potato skins to the next level.

The Only Meatloaf That Matters

This meatloaf skips the classic ketchup and onion and instead gets its flavor from Italian sausage, grated garlic, Parmesan, and mozzarella.

Crispy Orecchiette With Spicy Sausage and Collard Ragù

The reason this pasta is over-the-top fantastic is because you go a final step to crisp up the cooked orecchiette before it goes swimming in spicy sausage ragù.

Chocolate and Orange Marmalade Bars

This ultimate pairing of chocolate and orange features a soft, chocolaty brownie-like layer, a ripple of tart orange marmalade, and a sweet crumb topping.

Rainbow Cookie Loaf Cake

This loaf cake has all the taste and texture of a classic Italian rainbow cookie but is much easier to prepare and in a thrilling scale.


Once prescribed as a medicinal tonic to sailors in the British Royal Navy, this classic cocktail stands the test of time.

Lime Cordial

Homemade lime cordial brightens everything from gimlets to N/A cocktails and beyond.

Buck Buck Mule

What distinguishes this ginger beer cocktail is the addition of fino sherry to dry out the other flavors, and cucumber juice for an additional layer of aromatics.


The Fanciulli cocktail is a variation on the Perfect Manhattan—bourbon or rye, and a split of sweet and dry vermouth—that replaces the dry vermouth with Fernet-Branca.

22 Essential Cocktail Books Every Drinks Lover Should Own

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