29 Best All-Clad Prime Day Deals 2023 to Shop Right Now

If you want to buy affordable All-Clad, now is the time. 
The Best AllClad Deals
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We always look forward to the All-Clad Prime Day deals. On a normal day, the highly vaunted and much-wanted cookware can set you back a couple hundred bucks per item. We think the high price is absolutely worth it—there’s a reason All-Clad products come out on top time and time again in our product tests (just check out our review of the best stockpot, or the Best Stainless Steel Pans). But if you can get this beloved cookware at a discount, all the better. October Prime Day, (also known as Prime Big Deal Days apparently) is the perfect opportunity to take advantage of all kinds of kitchen deals—with All-Clad deals among the best. That’s why we’re rounding up all of the best All-Clad Prime Day deals available during Amazon’s two-day sales event. 

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Why we recommend All-Clad

All-Clad is hands down one of the most respected cookware brands on the market, and sets the standard for how quality, stainless steel cookware should look and perform. Each All-Clad pan is built around a solid core of either aluminum, stainless steel, or copper that extends all the way to the rim—otherwise known as 3-ply, fully clad cookware. That solid construction is why these pans are so expensive. One of our favorite stainless-steel saucepans fetches a hefty $150 at full price, so the cookware deals here are major.

You might have heard recently about a lawsuit against All-Clad cookware, regarding an issue where pans were developing sharp edges over time after repeated runs through the dishwasher.   As a result, All-Clad no longer advertises their cookware as dishwasher-safe (but frankly, we don't recommend putting stainless steel in the dishwasher anyway). Despite this lawsuit, we still feel comfortable recommending All-Clad because their products have stood up throughout the years in our testing, and continue to be the go-to in our test kitchen and in countless commercial kitchens around the world. 

All-Clad Prime Day deals

This year’s Amazon Prime Day sale features some of our favorites, along with a few other items you’ll want to get your hands on. Perhaps you're simply looking to snag a solo frying pan to add to your arsenal for your obligatory weeknight saute. Or maybe you're ready for a full set of cookware that will glisten proudly on your stovetop. Even if you're all set on the cookware front, there are plenty of other All-Clad deals, including small appliances and some kitchen accessories to ensure that your kitchen stays well-equipped with the best cookware out there. 

All-Clad factory seconds

In addition to the All-Clad Prime Day deals, we've also included deals on factory seconds for those of you who aren't Prime members. Factory seconds are the same high-quality All-Clad pieces you can buy at any retailer, but they have cosmetic imperfections that keep them from ending up on an in-store display or an online store. Some might be minor scratches or dents, crooked embossing or engraving, or missing branding on the bottom. Some of the pieces are deeply discounted just because of damage to the packaging and the pieces inside may not have any cosmetic damage at all. While none of it affects the performance of the pots and pans, it does significantly affect the price—All-Clad Factory Seconds are usually at least half off the suggested retail price, and sometimes more.  

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Small appliances
Full cookware sets
Accessories and kitchen tools

Small appliances

All-Clad may be known for their cookware, but they also make some of our favorite appliances. Their immersion blender excelled in our product tests in their respective categories, and you can snag one on sale right now.

Immersion Blender

There’s a lot to love about an immersion blender. Senior writer Emily Farris loves hers because its easy to clean in comparison to a traditional blender, making it perfect for on-the-go smoothies in a jar or a quick soup purée. The All-Clad immersion blender is the most powerful model we tested. The only drawback is its price in comparison to others on the market, which means that now is the perfect time to snatch one up.

DEAL: All-Clad Stainless Steel Immersion Blender

DEAL: All-Clad Stainless Steel Immersion Blender with Packaging Damage


Of course, you’re likely here for the iconic stainless-steel cookware; find deals on skillets and saucepans we love (plus much more) below. Interested in becoming the proud owner of a full set of All-Clad cookware? Keep scrolling for big savings on 10-piece sets and more.

Hard Anodized Nonstick Frying Pans

Nonstick cookware comes with its own set of caveats: You should never use metal tools on your skillets, and you’ll need to replace them after a few years because the coating wears, but we simply love All-Clad’s nonstick skillets. The 10-inch skillet has three-ply bonded stainless steel and an aluminum core for fast and even heat distribution. If you’re looking for the perfect pan for frying a few eggs or flipping delicate crepes without so much as a single tear, this is the one for you. Pick up a two-piece set for $70, or opt for a 5 or 10-piece bundle if you’re a true nonstick stan.

DEAL: All-Clad HA1 Hard Anodized 4-Quart Essential Pan with Packaging Damage

DEAL: All-Clad HA1 Hard Anodized Nonstick 2 Piece Fry Pan Set

DEAL: All-Clad HA1 Hard Anodized Nonstick 2 Piece Fry Pan Set with Packaging Damage

DEAL: All-Clad HA1 Hard Anodized Nonstick 5 Piece Fry Pan Set

All-Clad D3 Stainless-Steel Fry Pans

We love All-Clad stainless-steel fry pans because they’re substantial, but also light enough that they’re easy to maneuver when you’re pouring off a pan sauce. They heat consistently, have sturdy, comfortable handles, are oven-safe, and don’t show wear easily. Best of all, the gently sloping sides make for a generous amount of surface area for browning. It should come as no surprise, then, that the All-Clad 12-inch stainless-steel skillet won our test of the best stainless-steel fry pans. Today you can get $20 off that very same skillet by tacking on the available coupon at checkout. And if you want something with straight sides, we also included a deeply-discounted 3-quart stainless-steel sauté pan.

DEAL: All-Clad D3 3-Ply Stainless Steel Fry Pan (12-Inch) with Lid

DEAL: All-Clad D3 3-Ply Stainless Steel Fry Pan (10-Inch) Factory Second

DEAL: All-Clad D3 3-Ply Stainless Steel Sauce Pan (3-Quart) Factory Second

All-Clad D3 Stainless 3 Qt. Universal Pan

DEAL: All-Clad D3 Stainless 3 Qt. Universal Pan

3-Quart Stainless-Steel Saucepan

Smaller saucepans are great as leftover soup pots or as pots for reheating any kind of leftover for lunch: pasta, grains, stews, sauced vegetables—the list goes on. They’re also great for making a bit of mac and cheese for your kids, a batch of oatmeal, or a pot of hot cocoa on a cold winter morning. The 3-quart model won our review of the best small saucepans, and it’s on sale for 33% off right now.

DEAL: All-Clad D3 3-Ply Stainless Steel Sauce Pan with Lid

DEAL: All-Clad D3 3-Ply Stainless Steel Sauce Pan with Lid Factory Second


The Epicurious staff crowned All-Clad’s 8-inch stainless-steel model as the superior stockpot in our product review. While that product isn’t currently on sale, the brand’s stainless steel multicookers (which is what they call their stockpot with included steamers and strainers) can provide similar functionality, great for everything from boiling pasta to simmering broth. Choose from the 8-quart or 12-quart models, both of which come with straining and steaming inserts for maximum versatility.

DEAL: All-Clad 8-Quart Multicooker

DEAL: All-Clad Specialty 12-Quart Stainless Steel 3 Piece Cookware Set

Everyday pan

This piece of All-Clad cookware has a wide, flat base and mid-height sloped sides that allow for large portions, even browning, and easy no-splatter flipping. It’s a highly versatile pan that’ll serve you well for years to come, perfect for everything from a big batch of eggs in the morning to a dinnertime veggie sauté.

DEAL: All-Clad HA1 Hard Anodized Nonstick Everyday Pan

DEAL: All-Clad HA1 Hard Anodized Nonstick Everyday Pan and Lid (4-Quart) with Packaging Damage

Full cookware sets

At Epi, we prefer to buy the best version of each individual pan rather than opt for a cookware set, which can include some pans you don’t actually need. But if you have lots of space and prefer to have all of your cookware match, you can’t do much better than All-Clad, and this is a great opportunity to get the best in the business of stainless-steel cookware sets at a discount. The basic 14-piece D3 stainless steel set includes 8-inch and 10-inch fry pans, 2-quart and 3-quart sauce pans with lids, a 3-quart sauté pan with lid, 4-quart covered soup pot, 6-quart  sauté pan, 12-inch covered chef's pan, and an 8-quart stockpot with lid—all of which are induction-compatible and oven and broiler-safe. Nonstick more your jam? Go for the 8-piece hard anodized nonstick cookware set.

14-piece All-Clad D3 3-Ply Stainless Steel Cookware Set.

DEAL: All-Clad D3 3-Ply Stainless Steel Cookware Set, 14-Piece

DEAL: All-Clad HA1 Hard Anodized Nonstick 8-Piece Cookware Set

DEAL: All-Clad HA1 Hard Anodized Nonstick 10-Piece Cookware Set

DEAL: All-Clad HA1 Hard Anodized 13-Piece Nonstick Cookware Set with Packaging Damage

DEAL: All-Clad D5 5-Ply Brushed Stainless Steel 10-Piece Cookware Set

DEAL: All-Clad Copper Core 5-Ply Stainless Steel 10-Piece Cookware Set


You may know All-Clad for their cookware, but they make some pretty great bakeware too. Find full sets, like this Pro-Release 10-piece set that includes a half-sheet pan, a cooling and baking rack, two cake pans, a loaf pan, and more—all of which are made of heavy gauge aluminized steel for even baking. 

DEAL: All-Clad Pro-Release 5-Piece Bakeware Set with Packaging Damage

DEAL: All-Clad Pro-Release 10-Piece Bakeware Set with Packaging Damage

DEAL: All-Clad Pro-Release 10-Piece Nonstick Bakeware Set

All-Clad Bakeware cookware Set

DEAL: All-Clad 59900 Bakeware cookware Set

Accessories and kitchen tools

Once you’ve found all of the pots and pans you need, don’t forget about the little odds and ends that will elevate your kitchen. Be sure to check out the brand’s six-piece tool set, which includes its ladle; it was a favorite in our testing for the best ladle. Or go for an oven probe that’ll save you once Thanksgiving rolls around, or a colander that’s begging to be a part of your weeknight pasta routine.

DEAL: All-Clad 3-Piece Silicone Spatula Set with Packaging Damage

All-Clad Professional Stainless Steel 6-piece Kitchen Gadgets and Caddy 6 Piece

DEAL: All-Clad Professional Stainless Steel Kitchen Gadgets and Caddy, 6-Piece

DEAL: All-Clad Stainless Steel Oven Probe Thermometer